Before becoming Jim’s Restaurant, the location was originally a Sambo’s Restaurant and then was changed to a Jerry’s Restaurant. After Jerry’s was closed for a year, the location was re-opened as Jim’s Restaurant in 1978 by Billie Lager, Bill Thesing, and Jim Fortnor.

Jim’s is best known for home-made pies and the Deuces Special; two pancakes, two eggs and two strips of bacon, originally priced at $2.22.  Bill said they paid the help from the money he earned working a full-time job until the business got off the ground.  They started with a few hired help and the help of a lot of friends and family and still lost money the first year.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was the first step for a very determined woman with a strict work ethic and a passion to succeed.  Bill scrubbed floors at night, played the Easter Bunny and started the tradition of decorating the restaurant so beautifully for Christmas.  Ed, Billie’s husband, was a dedicated man and helped in many ways.

This is a family business.  They all made a great team when it came to making the restaurant a success.  If you were related to Billie, you worked.  If you were a friend of Billie’s, you worked!  Billie demanded loyalty and received it from many friends, family and employees.  They turned a vacant building into a booming business through her belief in God and the knowledge that low prices, good food and quick, friendly services would bring her customers back time and again.

As Billie’s health deteriorated rapidly, it became increasingly obvious that she would have to get serious about finding her successor.  Billie interviewed many serious buyers but could not bear to part with the Restaurant until she found a person with enough integrity and compassion to carry on her legacy.  Jim’s had been Billie’s dream come true.  Hakim, one of Billie’s managers, bought the restaurant from her when she became ill.

In 2011, Maryam bought the business from Hakim, continuing Billie’s tradition and adding some of her own.  Jim’s Restaurant became Jim’s Diner in 2011 and received a complete makeover.  Maryam has been in the restaurant business for 21 years, bringing new ideas and new menu items, to Jim’s.  She continues to carry on the family tradition, keeping Billie’s wish alive and keeping loyal employees.

We thank all of our customers.  We could not have made it without you!  Thanks to everyone who gave and are still giving us such a great place to be employed!

From all employees, past and present!